Why visit Nottingham Markets?

Nottingham’s only indoor market, five busy outdoor markets in its neighbourhoods, plus a car boot and a street market in the heart of the City… at Nottingham Markets there really is something for everyone.

All our markets offer fantastic choice and value for locals and visitors alike, with quality produce and friendly, knowledgeable traders at the heart of everything we do.

Our history

Though they’ve changed considerably over the years, Nottingham has a rich history of markets dating back many centuries.


The Saxons and the French

By the eleventh century, Nottingham was a Royal “burh”, with huge defences constructed around what is today’s Lace Market, including Weekday Cross: the old daily market of Saxon times.

In 1068 William the Conqueror erected his stronghold on Castle Rock, entrusting it to William Peverel, and a new town, occupied largely by his French followers, sprang up outside the Saxon town.

Due to animosity between the Saxons and the French, a mutual marketplace was chosen where the two nations could meet to do business… but be kept sufficiently apart to prevent bloodshed! And so the open space we know as the Old Market Square was born.


The charter

The first “official” mention of a Nottingham market is during the reign of Henry II (1154–1189). A charter granted to the town of Nottingham says ‘moreover the men of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire ought to go to the borough of Nottingham on Friday and Saturday with their wains and packhorses.’

This gathering, seemingly a market, would start at sunset on Friday and wouldn’t finish until sunset on Saturday.

It seems pretty much anything and everything could be traded at the Great Market Place… as in 1779, when a man actually sold his wife and children! The woman, aged 17, was put up for sale along with her two children and sold for 27/6!

Regular markets continued in the Great Market Place until 1928 when the New Exchange was demolished to make way for the Council House as we know it, and the market relocated to the Central Market on the corner of Glasshouse Street and Parliament Street.

The market finally settled in its current home when the Victoria Centre opened in 1971.

Info and opening times


Opening Times


Bilborough Market

Thu – 9am till 1pm

Bracebridge Drive

Bulwell Market

Tue – 9am till 4pm
Fri – 9am till 4pm
Sat – 9am till 4pm

Market Place

Clifton Market

Fri – 8.30am till 4.30pm
Sat – 8.30am till 4.30pm

Southchurch Drive
NG11 9LQ

Clinton Street Market

Mon – 9am till 4pm
Tue – 9am till 4pm
Wed – 9am till 4pm
Thu – 9am till 4pm
Fri – 9am till 4pm
Sat – 9am till 4pm

Clinton Street East

Colwick Car Boot

Sun – sellers admitted between 7am and 8.30am; buyers admitted after 8.35am

Nottingham Racecourse
Colwick Park

Hyson Green Market

Wed – 9am till 2.30pm

Radford Road
Hyson Green

St Ann's Market

Tue – 9am till 1pm

Robin Hood Chase
St Ann's

Victoria Centre Market

Mon – 9am till 5pm
Tue – 9am till 5pm
Wed – 9am till 5pm
Thu – 9am till 5pm
Fri – 9am till 5pm
Sat – 9am till 5pm

(Excluding bank holidays)

Upper Mall
Victoria Centre