Valentine’s Day Special: Meet The Couples Who Trade Together


This Valentine’s day, we thought we’d share something a little more romantic. Yes, we could’ve told you to ditch the flowers in favour of an everlasting houseplant from Clifton Market, and we might have even told you to grab a card from Victoria Centre Market, but we figured you already knew all of that.

Instead, we interviewed five different couples who work and trade together. How do they do it? How do they keep things fun? How do they manage to balance work and life?

Read on to find out more.


Suzan Nazel Ozkan and Ismet Davman, Snack Box

“We have been together for 2 and half years.

“The best thing about working together is that you learn how to work as a team and you learn how to motivate each other. This supports the relationship very well.

“We try to keep business outside of our home, so when we get home we hardly speak about business and its own stress. This helps us to keep everything fun. Also, working together as a team brings us closer in our everyday life as well.”


Liz Clark and Ian Timothy, LizianEvents

“We love what we do – running the Lizian Shop and organising events as LizianEvents. We’re always busy, but we don’t describe what we do as ‘work’.

“We enjoy our time together, we don’t have a TV, instead our free time is spent reading, watching Nordic Noir DVDs and listening to music – we do have quite the collection of vinyl LPs!”


Ravinder Karwal and Kamla Karwal, The Bag Centre

“We got married in 1972.

“Working together saves on the cost of hiring other staff and we get on well. Although we do have the occasional disagreement about product placement!

“When we’re at home, we forget all about work and just enjoy our family.”


John Knowles and Jocelyn Goldby, Jocelyne’s Flowers

“We have been together 21 years.

“The best bit about working together is that I always knows where John is!

“After working together all day, we like to enjoy time with the Grandchildren.”


Marieta Lebada and Julian Cordăreanu, Perfect Size

“We have been together for five years.

“The best thing about working together is the level of trust we’ve developed in each other.

“We keep things fun by always doing and trying new things – we try to always have plans for outside of work.”

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