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What our customers think


Q. How long have you been shopping at the Vic Centre Market? How often do you visit?

Andrew: Been coming for years… at least once a week!

Margret: Yeah, donkey’s years… even when it used to be at the Nottingham Central Market. It was really
busy back then. I still come every day to buy fresh fruit and have breakfast.

Susan: I’ve been coming once a month for 40 years… which adds up!

Mr Taylor: Since I was a child. My dad used to have a stall here. We actually live in Sutton-in-Ashfield, but much prefer this market and come two or three times a week.

Q. What do you buy? Do you have a favourite trader?

Andrew: I usually come for plants, flowers or materials, and I don’t really have a favourite… everyone is really friendly!

Margret: Fruit, nuts, sweets and breakfast. All the traders are great!

Susan: I buy fruit, flowers, ice cream and nuts. I go to Mona’s for my eyebrows and nails and I really like the new alterations stall… the lady on there is fantastic with my clothes.

Mr Taylor: I come for fruit, meat, pet supplies and the mushy peas. Clare on the mushy peas stall… she’s
really friendly and always happy to chat with us over our peas and a cup of tea.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about the market?

Andrew: Lots of things in one location makes it all really convenient.

Margret: I enjoy catching up people I’ve known for years – would love to see some new faces on the
market, though!

Susan: I love what’s available and the friendliness of the traders – a lot of time you don’t get that at the big stores.

Mr Taylor: It’s clean, the people are friendly and the traders know us by name and are loyal to their


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