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Why buy local?


There’s a whole range of reasons why buying from your local market is the right choice when compared to visiting a large out-of-town supermarket or shopping online, but here are our top 5…


1. Fresher food

We like to think that all the food we buy is fresh – what would be the point otherwise, right? Your local market trader buys their stock from nearby farmers and suppliers meaning super fresh food and a journey time from field to fork that’s much less than supermarket-bought food.


2. Smaller carbon footprint

Locally sourced food means less fuel is used to transport your goods to the market, which greatly reduces your carbon footprint. This is great for your eco credentials, and you’ll also be helping towards better air quality too, so it really is a win-win.


3. Less packaging

Fruit and vegetables from a market are usually sold loose and served to you in a paper bag. This means much less plastic packaging compared to supermarket fruit and veg, which only finishes up in landfill sites or, even worse, our oceans.

Single-use plastic is a major issue that’s on everyone’s minds right now and by buying from your local market, you’ll be doing your bit to reduce plastic waste too.

Tip: To be even greener, why not reuse those paper bags next time you shop? And don’t forget to take your own canvas shopping bags too!


4. Economic Impact

When you buy from your local market, your money stays local. Not only will you be boosting home-grown businesses – those businesses will be better able to spend locally in turn, meaning your whole community prospers. Research shows that for every £10 spent locally, £50 goes back into the local economy.


5. A real community

Let’s be honest, shopping can be a bit of a chore! And, with our busy lives, we understand why some people are choosing to shop online. But, if you visit your local market, you’ll experience a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and smells that no computer can provide.

The market is a place where the community comes together and you can chat to traders who really known their products, and who’ll happily give you recipes and tips. You’ll be able to pick your own fresh fruit and vegetables – to get just the kind you want – and you’ll meet the owners of businesses, who are all keen for the market to be successful, meaning greater value for money and better customer service too!

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